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Freight Train Pizza - Maalaea, Maui
"We Bring Our Caboose To Your Condo Door"
Maalaea Pizza Page

Aloha and Welcome to the future website of what some day may become the ONLY Pizza delivery restaurant in Maalaea, Maui!  There isn't one now and unless we retire, 
move to Maui and do this ourselves, there may never be "Delivery Pizza" in Ma`alaea (Mah-ah-lie-yah).  For some mis-guided reason, no pizza parlor on Maui delivers to Maalaea!
I've tried to get "Shaka Pizza" in Kihei to deliver to Maalaea Banyans, where we have our Maui, Hawaii Vacation Condo Rental, but alas they say it is too far.  (Perhaps 5-7 miles at the most)  Even "Pizza In Paradise" in Kahului won't deliver to us and they are only 15 minutes away.

The restaurants in Ma'alaea are wonderful and their food is "ono" (Hawaiian for tasty), but unfortunately they do not make pizza.   Sometimes you just do not want farm raised prawns or kiawe grilled filet mignon with mango-guava chutney, you want a plain old thin crust, hamburger topped pizza, with extra cheese, delivered to your condo door!   Perhaps with a side order of garlic rolls and a 2 liter bottle of Diet Pepsi.  (Yum, my favorite)

So, I have reserved this domain in the outside chance
that when I retire from the bank and move to Maui, and with the help of family and friends, we can start

Please note our catchy slogan above and the gratuitous bikini clad girl on a beach pic., which has absolutely NOTHING to do with pizza. 

For the fun of it I also reserved just in case someone steals my Freight Train Pizza idea.  So, until I retire, if you want a pizza in your Maalaea condo, you'll have to stop at a grocery store back in Kahului or at the Pukalani Superette (I just love that name), purchase a frozen pizza and cook it yourself in your condo. 

Think of it this way... even if you have to make the pizza, it will probably be the best darn pizza you'll ever taste, as you are sharing it with loved ones, sitting on your lanai on Maui, watching the moon rise over Maalaea Bay and Haleakala, listening to the waves lap the shore below and relaxing to Hawaiian music from your Internet Radio feed Hawaiian Rainbow .  Trust me, it doesn't get much better than that, even if you burn it!

FYI:  The wave called Ma`alaea or "Freight Train" is a right hander off the jetty in Ma`alaea, Maui, Hawai`i.  It breaks over a shallow coral reef and is considered to be one of the world's fastest waves and only happens with large southerly swells. It gets it name from the mist on the crest of the wave being blown off, resembling the smoke from a "freight train" as it moves down the tracks.

Hawaiian Language Primer

OK, I think that I have plugged and hyperlinked everyone I know on Maui.
Enjoy your visit to Ma'alaea - Pizza optional...


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